Be smart in the Marketplace! Tips for buying on Marketplace

Buying on an online B2B marketplace has become an essential way of life for many people as the marketplace offers the convenience of sourcing in one place. There are, however, risks associated with buying through the marketplace. When there is money involved, it is bound to attract scammers who want to exploit this opportunity.

Safety is always the first priority! Here are some tips on how to buy safely on the marketplace.

Check out social media

There are currently many online marketplaces competing on the internet. Marketplaces with a large number of active sellers tend to have regular updates on social media. Shopee and Lazada are great examples of this. If they aren’t, they’re either having a dormant merchant base; else, they’re missing a great opportunity to promote the store’s online presence.

Check out sellers profile

Learn more about the person you are buying from. You can tap on a seller’s profile on the product listing page or view their ratings if available.

Protect your personal information

Never share your personal financial information such as login password, security code and card details with anyone for any reason.

Inspect before making full payment

Make sure to inspect your purchased item thoroughly before releasing the balance payment.

There are numerous opportunities available in the marketplace now, but to succeed, you need to take care of what you are buying, from whom, and how you pay for your purchases. Choose the right marketplace for your business needs!

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